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The Lounge

Coffee shop buzz with plenty of space for work. The lounge accommodates your varying needs without making you pay for things you don’t use. Accomplish your goals alongside other busy professionals in the Lounge and wow guests with ATLAS's white glove service.


A space just for you. Perfect if you want to rely on your favorite desk being available. Flexible conference room time is available, as well as access to the Lounge. With ATLAS's Reserved plans, enjoy the open-concept Lounge and the Concourse (reservable space) with varying levels of access and amenities.


The privacy of a private office without the price. Our private spaces provide the stability and confidentiality of a private office that also has the flexibility to keep up with your agile business. With a Private workbase at ATLAS, you can also take advantage of our open-concept spaces and amenities without being locked into a long-term lease.

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